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Ed Dikun

Aug 2, 1998 00:27

Love the music man! Where are you playing next?


Aug 4, 1998 22:58


keep up the great work my friend

cookie aka misugami

Aug 6, 1998 20:47

do not have one nothing to say really

well nice job ed is a true friend keep up the strumming let the whole world listen free tibet your soul sister ps the uncensored version is in your personal mail


Aug 7, 1998 00:15


Teddy, you play your soul.

Chris Clelland

Aug 7, 1998 16:46


Good to see you on the web. Drop me an Email and let me know what you have been up to.

Jim Jefrey

Aug 8, 1998 13:30


thanks for everything your a great teacher and friend. ive learned more than i could of imagined thanks ive enjoyed the ride so far. peace.

Jann Klose

Aug 8, 1998 14:47

Teddy Ted Tedds, dicanis? cala, ici? Nice site, hope to talk to you soon. Jann

Evie Mavros Lutz

Aug 8, 1998 20:44


Teeeeeeeeeeed! This looks soooooooooooooo good! I am so proud of you!! I love you and Zack loves you very much, always and forever! Michael, too!

Joe Kaplowitz (Grover)

Aug 9, 1998 12:11


This page is just what you need so that more people can dig your music!! As musicians its our job to use God given talents to bring joy to this planet , Your doing Great !! KEEP ON KEEPIN ON Peace love and GROVER POWER!! from your bro in music, Joe.


Aug 11, 1998 12:00


as lovely as always, my sweet.......

Sharon Dundee

Aug 18, 1998 15:38


Your page looks great Teddy! I'll check it often for updates. See you soon.---S.

Matt Corey

Aug 19, 1998 03:51


Great page, see you at cedars.

Melanie, Patty, Joey Lutz

Aug 23, 1998 13:35


We like your music!

Darryl White

Aug 25, 1998 23:45


Thanks for the gig man! Tell Jeff and Shedric thanks as well.

Matthew Petrarca

Aug 29, 1998 02:41


thank you Bodhissatva.

Alan Prather

Aug 29, 1998 15:59


Teddy, Great page! I'll be back!

Barry Kuban

Sep 1, 1998 14:13


Hey Teddy, I really enjoyed talking to you after the show at the Diamond Back last year. Keep up the good work, and take care of that Gibson! Barry

mark earley

Sep 6, 1998 10:42


Marlene Your Faithful Student and Friend

Sep 7, 1998 18:58


Hi. I'm not practicing right now! I'm waiting as a cherry pie bakes -- but I'm being a groupy by sending e-mail to my teacher.

Paul Thompson

Sep 8, 1998 20:34


Teddy, you are THE MAN. I miss you and Olivia. How about a couple choruses of "Split Second"? ;)

Pete Broberg

Sep 16, 1998 19:33


Teddy...An old friend from way back...What a great joy it is to continually follow you on your musical journey's!...Keep it up!

Danny Schnieder

Sep 17, 1998 10:23


To Teddy: The best guitarist in Youngstown. I hope learn everything that you know. Looking forward to many years of music with you. Dan.

Uncle Al

Sep 19, 1998 14:28


Lookin' good, Ted! I'm very impressed by what I heard and saw. I love you. Uncle Al.

Scotty Graybill

Sep 20, 1998 09:05


Hi Teddy, Neil got me hip to your website...really a great suprise. Hope to see you again soon,maybe someday you can teach me how to play 'San Lorenzo"! I need help.Best of luck to you in all of your endeavors. God bless, Scotty

Megan the Wonder Munchkin

Sep 20, 1998 21:19

Hmm.. ought to do something about that...

Hi Teddy!!! See, I signed your guestbook. :) I love the graphics... and everything else, for that matter! :)

Russ Hoover

Sep 20, 1998 22:53


Great job, Ted!

Gary Taneri

Sep 21, 1998 21:00



Tom Corsatea

Sep 22, 1998 00:20


Wes lives thru you. Keep on strummin' Teddy!!

black mike

Sep 23, 1998 13:00


to one of my dearest friends, thanks for all of the guitar and karate lessons you have given me, but mainly teaching me how to learn and listen in depths. Also thank you for being part of the puzzle that helped to become a better person. Your like a dad to me. Thanks for everything.


Sep 24, 1998 23:25



Dave Rader

Sep 25, 1998 16:37


Teddy, Hello my friend! I like the site. Hope to get with you soon. I'm playing bass again and have alot to share with you. Need advise on a page soon. Keep the faith. Dave


Sep 25, 1998 21:42

no thank you


Sherry Sher Sher--Tazz

Sep 26, 1998 13:22

no web page yet

Teddy, You have a beautiful webpage! I am really enjoying checking everything out! This is way cool, man. I really dig your poem and the peace sign at the end of the poem-nice touch. Please keep adding more stuff to the sight. Take care! Peace & love always, Sherry Sher Sher doublebass tazz-woman


Oct 1, 1998 14:41

I just thought I would stop by and listen to your tunes... Great job!! Keep up the good work! I am a friend of Evie's...(Your cousin) My sister is her neighbor. Take care!

Debbie Pesce

Oct 2, 1998 08:22


Friends, music, inspiration to become better and follow our own path Here is to remembering the warrior we are! Love to you Sister, Deb

Miriam Klein

Oct 8, 1998 22:13


Thanks for many memorable evenings of jazz at the Cedars!

tommy poon

Oct 14, 1998 01:15


things are swirling this month. i am listening to BEST OF ART BELL at the moment. he is talking to someone about super novas and inner space. art bell lives aprox. 1/2 mile from hanger 51. i just discovered your web site tonite. i didnt realize you just had to click it on. i clicked and here i am. as i was driving my cab today a woman named luann asked me if i was god. i laughed and she said a voice in her head said i was god. i told her of course and that we are all god. and i am listening to art bell now talking about eleven other dimensions. god luvs ya. yours in the holy spirit of wotan bk hawke ps have you seen a quark yet

walter goodcousin

Oct 14, 1998 02:03


i have just put your web site onto my personel favorites so that i can just click you on. isnt that neat? just CLICK ME ON. now dont believe anything that crazy bastard mr poon tells you. he is definitely crazy. he sends out two messages at a time because he is such a dip. actually he doesnt know what he is doing. now i am listening to ART BELL and he is talking about shooting an ice bullet into somebodys head. it is so weird. but arent we all weird. and arent we all ARENT WE ALL IN THE SAME CABAL. the tims are changing they THEY ARE CHANGING AGAIN. and kim commando tells us to listen . keep in touch. if you dont i shall keep in touch with you. they are many things afoot. yours in wotan walter goodcousin

Aunt Tessie, Uncle Bill, Matthew and Jenna

Oct 26, 1998 20:27


Teddy, we love you and are proud of you. We are so excited to see your own website. Love, Aunt Tessie, Uncle Bill, Matthew and Jenna.


Oct 27, 1998 14:12


Nice site soon...Nance

Jeff Grubbs

Nov 2, 1998 13:06


At last I can finally get this far without being cut off. It nice to be here!!


Nov 3, 1998 08:21


Dear Teddy- Here it is, I signed the guestbook...You're the first... You are truly one of a kind, and I can only guess that maybe I did something right in my lifetime, to be able to meet soemone as talented and wonderful as only you can be...Thanks for finding me... And yes it was fate...xoxoxoxoxooxo..... All my love always, Liz


Nov 7, 1998 20:46


Teddy Teddy Teddy Ted With the friend named Ed Your site is so fine, We must have a glass of wine To celebrate what has been said

james richley

Nov 30, 1998 15:53

ted...the best kept secret of youngstown is no longer a secret. congratulations on establishing an internet presence. hope the world finds out about you, and it leads to bigger and better things! will be checking in periodically to see your site grow. you the man ted! peace to you...P.S. where's the "T.P." trio alumni section? i want to be listed...hahaha

bk hawke

Jan 16, 1999 22:33


hellot teddy and friends. as i said in a recent missive i am at present at war with the pods. there are three very important pods who have come down from the sierra madre foothills and are trying to kill me. but i know when they are out on my balcony. i can hear them squoosing about. they cant get me. there isnt a pod on this planet that can outsmart me. death to all pods. take care, bk hawke

Marcella & Tia & Dad

Feb 27, 1999 19:34


I just got done chatting with you. Tia is arresting my dad right now. She just said "go baby" while she was playing the drums. Love your web site & hope to chat with you again soon! Here are some of my sighn offs! :-) ;-) :-p cul8r :-o :-D [:-) luv ya Marcella


Apr 19, 1999 21:25

Nick Mavros says Hey!!! M

Sherry shersher

Apr 30, 1999 07:34


Teddytedteds...hello from your friend Sherryshersher I haven't talked to you in a while, so I wanted to say hello and everything. So... Hello! Great Website! Peace & Love my friend


May 11, 1999 08:12


Hey Teddy. It's been too long!

John Morton

May 11, 1999 09:58

Impressive page, Teddy. Congratulations on all your success. Keep up the good work. Where'd you find that background? Nice stuff.


May 11, 1999 22:07

not that talented:)

Teddy, I enjoy watching you evolve - you really are timeless & very talented in every sense of the word. Great page!

David & Tracy Shoff

May 15, 1999 08:02


Tracy wants to put in a request...... "nothing Personal"!! Great to see you on the web, dude!! DavidnTracy

Sheila Hayes

May 22, 1999 17:20


Cool site. Great interviews. This gives me a better picture of who you are and what influenced you to be the kind of musician you are today. I did not know you were that versatile. Impressive! I look forward to what is in store for your site. Thanks for the address. I will be visiting. May the Spirit of Music continue to guide you. Hotep! Sheila

Bobby Jackson

May 23, 1999 22:18


Nice web page Teddy. Hope all is well. I have spoke with Olivia and she's doin fine. I forwarded this e-mail to her. Hope you don't mind. Bobby


May 27, 1999 20:40


Great page Teddy!! Been awhile since I got a chance to see you play live, so this page is a great way to get a fix, keep it up and don't forget to keep adding some new stuff (for all those Teddy fans who aren't local) Hope to see ya soon, Bill


Jun 5, 1999 22:32


Hi Teddy!!!!


Jun 18, 1999 22:33




Jul 26, 1999 12:27


Baby. :)

Steve Wendelken

Jul 26, 1999 22:44


cool page, E-mail if you are going to be in town, or if you ever need a sax. I am currently freelancing and have a lot of dates open. I worked full time for almost 20 years but am raising my family for now. Hope to meet you soon. Steve

dave jeffery

Aug 27, 1999 02:32


hey teddy, thanks for the chat the other night. i hope i can get to hear you live sometime.

Brian Hoffman

Sep 3, 1999 11:23


Hey Teddy, great page man! I love your music. See you every tuesday at Cedar's. P.S. Don't forget to play "show me your eyes."

the salsa queen

Sep 10, 1999 23:49


nice page

Jason Busse

Oct 6, 1999 21:04


Peace and Thank You for opening my ears and expanding my energy

Chris Poulin

Oct 21, 1999 21:13


For the record I met A lot of great people in Youngstown. I love Teddy, OB, Shedd, Joe, Kent, Tony, Kurt, Yuichi, Miriam, even Julie, Theresa, Ken, Josie, Bremmer, The Deacon Jones, Kevin Hines,Joe Kaplowitz, Shedd, Teddy, Jim Jefferries, Chris Steele, Joe Kap, Black Mike, Theres just too many to name em all. You are all stardust. Love life, live life, live love, love love, wow! Yeehaa!!! Peace and love. I'm learning to listen. It takes patience and quiet. one last word: replace corporate fueled, Media hyper reality (image) with peace (substance). Down with colonialism in the postmodern age! Peace out.

Peter Nalepa

Nov 12, 1999 02:23

none (yet...)

Teddy, like everybody else said, you're the best. I think it's time that somebody acknowledged the great work you do for Ursuline theater. Even though the hours can be long and frustrating, you're always ready to keep on going, ready to grin and bear it, ready to keep encouraging us. You have brought your gift of music to so many of us, to all the theater people I know and to those I've never even met. It's about time somebody said a really, REALLY big thank you for your dedication, your love for music, your desire to help everyone sing their own song the best they can. I know I will never forget you; you're one the best people I have ever known. I really gotta make sure I get out to one of your gigs sometime soon and hear what I know is the best music around! See you in rehearsals...Keep on singin'!

James Pantelas

Dec 9, 1999 10:58


Hello from Greece

LaFrae Olivia Sci

Dec 21, 1999 00:10


I Love You Teddy, and it took moving to new york to find out that the best gig in the world is in ohio on the bandstand with you

Tania Grubbs

Dec 22, 1999 00:10


Teddy, just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your web got a good thing going on. I finally had a chance to check it out. Peace and have a beautiful holiday. tania

Tony Valenzisi

Jan 10, 2000 09:36


I am very much looking forward to starting lessons with you. I will call you soon to set up a time. Thanks

Nick Caparso

Feb 17, 2000 20:01


I reaaly like your page, its pretty cool.

Daniel R. Moss

Mar 30, 2000 12:08


Hi, Teddy. Enjoy experiencing an evening with your music. You manage to find good people to play with... it great. Let me know when you get another CD recorded!

Jeff Grubbs

Apr 1, 2000 15:25


Hey Teddy! I love the new look of your web page!! It just gets better and better!And, as you know, I always look forward to the times that we get to play together!

Kathy "McGoo" McHugh

Apr 18, 2000 23:56


Hey Teddy! Just wanted to say "Howdie!" Keep on jamin' jazz man!

Susanna Banana Fee Fie Fo-Fanna

Apr 19, 2000 18:40


Hey, Teddy. You've inspired me to maybe try making my own website. I liked the pictures and music samples and would love more of both. Thank you for being my friend, Teddy!


Apr 21, 2000 04:31

i wish

Just stopped by to hear some jazz, nice music man!


May 13, 2000 17:02




Jun 17, 2000 18:14


Teddy, I finally made it to a computer! Thanks for getting me on the path to more advanced guitar playing that I had no idea how to find on my own...The journey has just begun...I couldn't imagine a better teacher. See you Tuesday at 7.

frank castellano

Jun 20, 2000 17:08


Ted,I love listening to you and making music with you.Now,then,can you make a gyro? I won't tell you to keep on. I know that nothing can stop you.

John Apostolakis

Jun 21, 2000 10:41



The Frase

Jun 22, 2000 13:07


Hi Teddy, good to see you last night at Leo's. Thanks fro the CD, you sound great! I particularly enjoyed Michelle, Vera Cruz and your solo piece. your web-site is neat. I'll try to catch you at Nightown on the 29th. Looking forward to playing some music together. The Frase

james Pantelas

Jul 1, 2000 03:45


hello again Teddy, from Greece. James Pantelas Thebes,GREECE

james Pantelas

Jul 1, 2000 03:58


hello again Teddy, from Greece. I want to listen your music! Could you send me your CD? James Pantelas P. Tsaldari 28, TH 48, THIVA 32200 GREECE


Jul 20, 2000 03:31


Teddy, Excellent my website my friend! You got a great sound too! Awesome progressions eh. Let me know if you ever come through the Chicagoland area eh, I love to meet ya and see you play a set or two eh. Jazz Fusion is one of my favorites eh! Peace Balance and Love, ~douglas


Jul 20, 2000 10:47

uh .. not sure,, coming along one day,, ,lol

You are sooo coooooool .... so glad to know you ~~

Thrasa Harris

Jul 21, 2000 18:10


Hiya Ted! Just one of the beasties here passin thru your webpage. Great stuff! Sincerely, Thrasa

John Sferra

Jul 26, 2000 09:52

Ted, Just wanted to say thanks! You are an inspiration.